Mission Ecosystem

Underwater Ecosystem will be a committed global champion in all aspects of eco diving, dedicated to …

  • engaging in safe and environmentally sensitive ecosystem, diving practices
  • the health and well-being of divers, through educationally valid programs, innovative techniques, and inspired solutions, that encourage participation by all with minimal risk
  • the monitoring of Underwater Ecosystems through research, surveying, and analysis, and
  • the preservation of the aquatic environment for future generations.

We will continue to shape and lead the markets in which we choose to compete by …

  • establishing an international presence that encourages cultural diversity, local support, employment and opportunities
  • building a unique and expanding portfolio of diving-related programs, products, knowledge and skills
  • earning the loyalty of our customers through long-lasting beneficial relationships
  • consistently meeting or exceeding our commitments
  • continuously striving to further elevate our image as “the Eco-diver training agency that caring divers use”
  • creating a participatory culture in which Members, staff and divers may fulfill their highest potential, and be rewarded
  • outperforming competitors in quality, innovation, and value.

We will be known for our high standards, core values, integrity, reliability, entrepreneurial growth and determination to pioneer innovative solutions to global eco problems.

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