James Cameron Dive

James Cameron Dive to Mariana Trench Dependant on Rebreathers!

Hollywood director of Titanic, the Abyss and Avatar, James Cameron, is attempting to dive to the bottom of the deepest place on the planet – the Mariana Trench. But because each dive takes 9 hours, the submersible cannot supply him with enough air to reach the Mariana Trench and get back from it safely.

So the rebreather technology that enables students on discoverymkvi.com recreational rebreather courses to achieve their dream of diving for longer, and getting closer to creatures, will also enable the famous director, James Cameron, to achieve HIS dream.

The carbon dioxide from his every breath will be removed to enable him to rebreathe his own expired air while exploring the Mariana Trench at a depth of 11000 metres. This means he can continue to rebreathe the available oxygen on the submersible. But will James Cameron get back to the surface safely with some epic film of the fascinating creatures in the Mariana Trench?

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BBC interviewed discoverymkvi.com’s Ian Forster before James Cameron’s dive  (Source – BBC Radio Cambridgeshire – © 2012 BBC)
Could a monster 50 times bigger than “Nessie” be lurking in the Mariana Trench?

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(Source – bbc.co.uk – © 2012 BBC) 

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