Diving the Dream

The Poseidon Way Forward – Diving the Dream

At Poseidon, these are exciting times. Perhaps the most exciting in their 50-year history. For one thing, they’ve just successfully launched the first rebreather for recreational divers. For another, they’re expanding and developing their market presence to make it easier and better for you to buy Poseidon products from knowledgeable, local outlets, wherever you happen to be in the world.

Poseidon has been in the breathing business for a long time. As well as Diving the dream. They believe the equipment you take underwater is a life-preserving device. As divers themselves, they never compromise with quality, and never stop searching for new ways to improve safety and enhance the diving experience.

They’ve always prided themselves on being different – looking at things from new angles, and finding new ways to solve old problems, improving but never copying. In 50 years that ambition has taken them from the first single hose regulator, to the servo-assisted Xstream and Jetstream, and now to the extraordinary new Discovery MKVI – the breathing system that is set to change recreational diving forever.

The Discovery MKVI

The Discovery MKVI is not the first rebreather on the market. But it is the first that’s truly within the reach of recreational divers, And that’s a dream come true.

Poseidon wanted to produce a rebreather that anyone could use. One that was easy to operate, effective, affordable and above all, safe. It meant not only creating cutting-edge technology, but also finding ways to produce that technology cost-effectively.

The Discovery MKVI is a fully automatic rebreather that gives sports divers the ultimate diving experience. Now everyone can enjoy fantastic diving, and see marine life up close without the distractions of complicated equipment, and without the bubbles that spoilt so many experiences in the past.

Poseidon create products that change the diving world. But the Discovery MKVI is not only a new experience to divers, it is also attracting new divers to the experience.

That’s an exciting thing to do, and a great privilege. But for Poseidon it’s just the latest milestone in their search for the ultimate underwater experience – the Discovery MKVI.

Dive in and join us.

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