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Breaking News: Titanic & Abyss film director, James Cameron
is to dive to the planet’s deepest place – the Mariana Trench – without enough air!
Will rebreather technology get him back safely?.’s Ian Forster was interviewed by BBC.

The Top 30 Rescue Tips You Must Know


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Seven Steps to Scuba Heaven

with the Discovery MKVI recreational rebreather

  1. A “No Bubbles” recreational rebreather gives you perfect buoyancy and brings you closer to creatures, so you get phenomenal photos and videos.
  2. All the critical pre-dive checks are completed by the electronics, reducing task-loading and simplifying your dive.
  3. Built-in alarm engineering constantly checks for 100% performance, and warns if a problem occurs so you can flick the bailout switch.
  4. Because hardly any gas is used, you have much more time on 3-4 hour dives to make decisions. Running out of gas is virtually eliminated. By delivering the optimum mixture at every metre of the dive, it greatly minimizes decompression.
  5. Weighing only 15kg “ready-to-dive”, and 8kg “flight-weight”, it goes as carry-on baggage.
  6. Why buy when you can rent for just £20 an hour at Gildenburgh Water!
  7. If you’re 12+, and qualified to 18 metres, our all-inclusive CCR18 course is just £250.

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Recreational Rebreathers

Closed-circuit recreational rebreathers produce no bubbles, and make no bubble noise, unlike open-circuit scuba. So you can avoid alarming marine animals, and get closer to underwater creatures and their ecosystems. Experience perfect buoyancy. Take better underwater photos and underwater videos. Enter enclosed areas in wrecks without filling them with air, which encourages the growth of rust. Find out everything you’ll ever need to know on this website. – the home of recreational rebreather diving.

Courses: Choose from 8 PADI courses and 9 UECO courses on the Discovery MKVI from diver to instructor and instructor trainer.

PADI: The world’s largest scuba diving training organization. You can find out more here about their exciting range of Discovery MKVI recreational rebreather courses for divers and instructors, operated by PADI’s top-rated UK dive centre, Dive In.

Poseidon: The Poseidon Story since 1958, including the history of recreational diving. How Poseidon brings the ultimate in diving gear to demanding recreational divers. The latest chapter of the Poseidon story – the decision to develop a new generation of diving apparatus – the Discovery rebreather. The NASA influence to measure and control the amount of oxygen in a rebreather at changing depths which lead to the world’s first recreational rebreather.

Safe Diving: Discover the six major safety advantages that modern closed circuit rebreathers have over open circuit scuba. Ian Forster’s absorbing paper entitled “Closed-Circuit is Safer than Open-Circuit“ tells all. Claim your FREE Report Top 10 Tips for Safe Diving” which includes important advice on recreational rebreather safe practices.

UECO: Find out more about UECO and the development of recreational rebreathers, a comprehensive range of courses, and safer diving for the recreational diver. Ian Forster is UECO’s founder and Instructor Trainer Director, and the educational designer and author of the international training agency’s groundbreaking Discovery MKVI rebreather programs.

Start Today: You can soon be diving the Discovery MkVI. Click your preferred link to request more information or to register as a student on our Discovery MkVI recreational rebreather courses, and get access to our exclusive online, e-Study programme so you can start today!

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